It’s a Monday morning after a week at the beach with my family.
That’s the worst kind of Monday. Half of your brain is still lingering on a sandy shore waiting for the waves to crash upon it and bring you back to reality.

Do you know that kind of Monday?

It’s a kind of Monday where you have big goals and big plans after a week of reflection, but as soon as you start checking off your “to do” list, you daydream of how freeing it was to have a “do nothing” list.

So, as I start trying the countless tricks to discipline myself into getting it all done, I start thinking about why weeks at the beach, or for that matter any breaks for vacation, are so redeeming. It all boils down to simplicity. Instead of trying to accomplish sixty-seven things on a yellow pad, I had five things to get done.

Let me describe them as my two-year old daughter did.

That was it. A couple of meals mixed in and presto! Day after day, I did everything I needed to do.

What if everyday’s tasks could be poured into five simple buckets? What if I could evaluate my achievements through a lens of five simple things rather than a complex grid of metrics, achievements, and ten year plans? What would that look like?

The result of that brainstorm is the little book that inspired this site.

Every morning, when I wake up, I focus on five simple things that guarantee I find meaning and accomplishment by the end of my day. Let me put it in the words my two-year old daughter could remember.

Try them. First, write down five things for which you are grateful. Then, add four things to accomplish in the day. After that, jot down three people to reach out to in order to build relationships. Consider two things to do to strengthen your faith or family. Finally, commit to one random act of kindness sometime in the day.

Here’s the challenge for you. Read some of the simple ways to achieve these Five Simple Things. Then, use the book to write down these steps every morning for thirty days. At the end, go back and see if you begin to feel a new sense of accomplishment and confidence. Get past the clutter and complexity. It’s time to achieve what matters.
It’s time to focus on Five Simple Things.