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The Orphaned Briefcase

by fivesimplethings on June 10th, 2010

Last week, we packed things up for the start of summer vacation.  8 Suitcases.  Check. Travel Documents.  Check.  3 kids… Wait, I only see two…  There she is.  Check.   Let’s go.

As we settled above 10,000 feet, though, I started to have this very uneasy feeling.  Where was my briefcase?

You have to understand something.  This is not any briefcase.  This is my lifeline, my connection point, my collection of everything that I need to function.  Just as the president travels with the “football” which contains all of the nuclear codes, my briefcase has the power to bring destruction or order to my world.  Yet now, it was missing.  For all I knew, it could be in the hands of some sinister corporate spy or worse yet being blown up at that very moment by the TSA.

After a while, a sense of calm started to come over me, however.  I knew I hadn’t seen it in the airport.  So, it must have been either in the car or at the house.  The only problem was that it wasn’t with me.

I went through a mental inventory of the things in that bag.  Computer.  Power cord.  Well, at least I had my blackberry. There was only one issue with that, however.  My charger for it was… you guessed it… in the briefcase.

Panic that had turned to calm had turned a cold sweat. Would I be able to function without the precious treasure that has spent more days with me than even my wife.  Forget Five Simple Things.  I needed one simple briefcase.

As we landed, my wife and I and got on the phone and sent someone to my car.  He called in with a report.  Preening over the back seat was that beautiful, canvas covered, all important briefcase.  What was lost was found!  We made arrangements for the briefcase to be shipped up to me for next day delivery.

If only things worked out that way… Stay tuned for more of the saga of the orphaned briefcase.

Here’s a question, though.  What’s in your briefcase?  What is the thing that you carry with you that you couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments section or on twitter with the hashtag #fivesimplethings.

-John Tolsma

From Simplify

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