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The Blank Slate of Summer

by fivesimplethings on May 20th, 2010

This morning I dropped two of my kiddos off for the last day of School.  As I drove away from the parking lot, I was reminded of the way I felt at the end of every academic year.   Whether I was a child or a law student, there was nothing so completely freeing as knowing that every obligation had been met and that a blank slate awaited me the next time I showed up for school.

The morning after the last day of school you had to be creative about what to do because there was no homework waiting, no papers to be written, no meetings with professors.  You could literally design your day with no constraints.

Don’t you miss that?  I do.  Nowadays, when I finish a big project, there’s always one waiting that hasn’t been tended to while I worked on the other.  When I pay off one bill, there’s one from another company that keeps showing up in my mailbox.

Do me a favor.  Encourage the little ones around you to relish in the summer.  Use  their carefree attitudes to transport you back to a simpler focus and a carefree time.  That project can wait.  It will be there in the morning.

Finally, ask yourself, “if I had a blank slate tomorrow… if I had a new ‘summer’ ahead of me… what would I do differently?” Let me know in the comments section or on twitter with the hashtag #fivesimplethings.

-John Tolsma

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