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by fivesimplethings on March 15th, 2010

Have you already filled your bracket out?  Come on. How much time did you spend this morning choosing which Goliaths would be slain on the court this weekend?  As I perused newspapers this morning, I thought a lot about how much ink had been used to create the penultimate guide to what the next three weekends would bring.

I had always heard that the Monday after the selection show ranked right next to Black Monday for the least productive day in the office.  After all, it takes time to create pools and then figure out the administration of them. As an avid Dukie, I really don’t have a problem with this.  I just want to use it to ask a question.

Think about the time you spent on your bracket this morning.  What could you have crossed off your “do” list in the same amount of time?  Don’t feel guilty about it.  Just set aside the same amount of time tomorrow to work your list in a more focused way.

Get it done and Go Duke.

Let me know what items are in your “do” list and who you’re pulling for in the comments sections or on twitter with the hashtag #fivesimplethings.

-John Tolsma

From Do, Simplify

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  1. Ann in Florida permalink

    So cool! I’m a Dukie too! My boss had a meeting this morning with all of us and was like…ok, take 30 mins and fill out your brackets and then let’s put them up and focus on work! I thought that was really nice of her. But, I probably could have crossed off a few things on my list…here’s to tomorrow!

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