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What is your destination?

by fivesimplethings on March 9th, 2010

Monday morning, I was scheduled on the 5:30a flight to Charlotte (Yes. There are actually flights that early in the AM).

When I travel that early, I follow one simple rule. I try to board as early as possible and to get a window seat so that I can fall asleep again before we even take off.  After I boarded, I was just about to doze off when I heard the forward cabin door shut as well as the door to the luggage compartment.  About two minutes later the captain came on and sheepishly told us that he and the co-pilot got on the wrong plane when they got to the airport. Therefore, all of the passengers and all of the luggage needed to be unloaded and transferred to the plane at the gate next to us. The plane we were on was going to Philadelphia.

He had misread the tail number.

I grumbled.  Then, I laughed.  Then, I started to think about the fact that if this guy couldn’t read the tail number, he might not be able to find the right runway.

He did.  I made it to my connection and on to my appointment.  I also had a great story to tell throughout the day.

Here’s the question.  Are you sitting on the wrong plane?  Where should you be headed in your life?

-John Tolsma

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  1. Ann in Florida permalink

    Totally been there before! Great thought to keep in my head today – am I on the right plane? am I headed in the right direction? Love this!

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