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Learning Simplicity from Others

by fivesimplethings on February 19th, 2010

Some email forwards are worth reading. A co-worker recently passed an email along to me about a 92 year old woman who continues to find satisfaction in life by sticking to simple rules. In spite of the recent loss of her husband and her impaired mobility, she finds lasting happiness by focusing on the important small things–among them are simplicity, generosity and love. I had to share this thought with you because it gets at the heart of what we’re trying to do as we focus on 5 Simple Things.

We lose so much of what truly matters in life’s tumult. There will always be distractions and disappointments. We can’t wish those away. But for ultimate success, it is essential that we boil down our priorities to the simple things that bring the most value. I hope thinking about her “rules” helps you flesh out how you can simplify and focus on that which is most valuable. What are your simple rules?

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