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Get Out The Vote

by fivesimplethings on August 5th, 2010

Today is primary election day in our home state of Tennessee.  This morning, as I was getting dressed, I asked my kids who they were voting for, and I was amazed at how quickly they trumpeted their candidate of choice.  Wow! Media is effective, or my wife and I have been very persuasive at the dinner table.

Giving your kids a chance to participate in the election process gives a great opportunity to learn how to debate in a civil way and to learn how to form opinions on issues that matter.  I’m also convinced that I‘ve got a least two budding candidates.

As  we’re gearing up for the larger elections in November, I’d encourage you to think about how you can use the next three months to give your kids a sense of the political process.  Let them volunteer for a few candidates. Let them read through the mountains of direct mail that you get.  Have them knock on a few doors.

Who knows… you may be raising up a future leader of the free world.  (However, they’ll have to beat out my child first!!)

What are some ways that you’ve engaged your family in the political process? I’d love to know.

Let me know in the comments section or on twitter with the hashtag #fivesimplethings.

-John Tolsma

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