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Blank Slates

by fivesimplethings on February 3rd, 2010

Snow came to the southeast this weekend and I couldn’t help but think that the blanket of white expressed a blank slate. Whenever we start a new job or a new school year or any fresh opportunity, we start with a clean beginning. That’s freeing.

Before my kids started sledding and adding their footprint to the pristine image, I wanted to ask:

Where could I use that fresh start in my life? Is there a relationship or a project that would benefit from a do-over? What’s one area of my life where I could use a blank slate?

How about you?

-John Tolsma

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  1. Ann in Florida permalink

    Wow – what a beautiful picture! And thanks for the encouraging words – it is a wonderful reminder of the things in my life that need a clean slate. Even though it is only early February, I find myself already covered up with so much going on. Thanks for helping me remember that some things just need a “blank slate”.

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