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by fivesimplethings on July 27th, 2010

There is a two-and-a-half mile track about five minutes from our house that I tend to gravitate towards for exercise.  It sits on the same property as the little league fields and a putting range used by the local University.  I’ve been going there for at least ten years… same routine every time.

I run in the same direction.  I move at the same pace.  Can you tell I like routines?

This week, as I was lacing up my tennis shoes, my son walked into the room and announced he was ready to go with me to exercise.  We talked about whether he was ready or not.  Finally,  we agreed.  He could come along.

As we set out, he did a good job keeping pace.  However, about half way through, he started to slow down.  He didn’t do it from exhaustion. Rather, he started pointing out things along the way.

Had I seen the two, red fire hydrants near the field house?  Had I ever gone over to the water fountain on the left? Did you notice the batting practice area next to the baseball bleachers?

For ten years, I had been so focused on the trail that I missed the things around it.

That’s what life feels like.  Sometimes, I’m so preoccupied with what I’m doing that I lose sight of all of the interesting things along the way.  Every once in awhile, it’s good to bring someone alongside to call out the things you are missing.

No time to stop and smell the roses? How about simply taking an extra few seconds to realize all of the things on the track of life that make it an adventure?

Who can help you see the things that you are blind to in the fast-paced lanes of life?

Let me know in the comments section or on twitter with the hashtag #fivesimplethings.

-John Tolsma

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